Environmental Safety Training Center (ESTC) is an accredited Training Provider in Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois and Indiana specializing in Safety Training Courses. Our Program and services are AFFORDABLE and designed to help our clients comply with Federal and State regulations that govern training and work procedures. ESTC focuses on regulatory training and our goal is to achieve perfection in protecting the people, property, and the environment, while striving to exceed our client’s expectations and needs. We are here for you and will give you the personal attention and service you deserve.

The Environmental Safety Training Center (ESTC) officially began offering Illinois, Indiana and Missouri accredited Asbestos Worker Refresher (Spanish) courses in its Indianapolis, IN location in December 2010.

In May 2012, ESTC began offering additional asbestos accredited courses in Illinois, Indiana and Missouri. As of July 1, 2012 ESTC has received asbestos accreditation in Arkansas

In September 2013, ESTC received Lead accreditation in Missouri and Illinois. Current lead classes are now being offered.